P P V I N C. | Formerly Pacific Power Vac, LLC. |

As a leader in the environmental and waste water industry, we strive to provide superior service and cost effective solutions for your waste water treatment and disposal needs.  We operate a 47,000 square foot indoor non hazardous pre-treatment waste water facility in Portland, Oregon.  We provide in house bulk hauling to and from your project sites to our disposal facility. We have the capability to haul and dispose of your contaminated waste water, sludge, and solids.


What we at ppv inc do

Our company's technical and operational experience combined with our knowledge of the industry provide the core foundation for our success. Our clients include residential, industrial, municipal, engineering, consulting, and construction firms.

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We offer proven treatment methods and technology to treat non-hazardous waste streams to maintain one of the largest treatment facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

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Whether it is industrial waste water, sludge, septage, industrial processesing water, oily water, and finish water; we find ways to help achieve your treatment and disposal needs.